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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Welcome World! We are preparing for a 24hr Fundraiser this upcoming August 30th, 2020. Our goal is to crowd source capital in order to paint a mural with For Freedoms this September, '20; Stay tuned for more information!

Take a look at Blazay's previous mural in Wicker Park, Chicago, earlier this summer. Painted through good faith; in order to show, Black Lives Always Mattered. After a month of protesting in NYC, it was time to take the energy for change and eternalize it. As businesses' began taking down boarded up store fronts, Blazay took a crew to Chicago to elevate the voice of the movement.

Tune in for the Fundraiser information! Become apart of the next series by supporting the Blazay mission!

Big Shout Out to the 914 Collective for hosting the fundraiser.

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