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Finally made it home, Yonkers, New York. After over ten years of being a traveling artist, this is a fun accomplishment. This piece is located inside the First Mile Square Bus Parking Lot on 700 Nepperhan Avenue. Our mural is a tribute to our Essential Drivers! Thank you to our Bus Drivers working to bring our students to and from school.

This illustration is one about Yonkers' Tale. About the young generation of kids attending Yonkers Public School System. Rising early to make it to the bus stops to head to school. Whether it was the bee line or the yellow school bus, it was our earliest piece of discipline. Don't miss the bus!

Thank you to our Public School System as a whole! This mural is a dedication to our schools as a whole, PEARLS Hawthorne school is featured in the artwork as a tribute to a special place. What a good way to bring in spring season 2021!

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