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We hope you all enjoyed your 2020 holiday season; we successfully made it through another calendar! Thank you all for your continuous encouragement and support through this Blazay journey. With your help, we ended the year strong in Queens, N.Y., alongside our new friend,

For Freedoms! If you have not already, please, go see this mural on 2517 41st Ave, Queens, N.Y.

Spread the word, let your friends know we are out here painting murals and coming to a neighborhood near you! Blazay is about representing our diversity, the more we can paint, the wider our representation can reach. Our mural in Queens is the first step in a bright direction. We are eager to bring more public art to our communities throughout this Happy New Year!

Huge massive shout out to the extraordinary crew who made this painting come together! ArtManDaniel Bonilla @artmandan, Nancy Pratorhurst @pratorhurst, Darin Roberts, Jason Jarosz @jasonjarosz, Jun Mabuchi, Taylor Brock, Hank Willis Thomas @hankwillisthomas, and For Freedoms @forfreedoms.

Cheers to 2021.

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