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Your Vote Matters!

"The vote is the most powerful non-violent change agent you have in a Democratic society. You must use it because it is not guaranteed .You can lose it." -John Lewis

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise! As a first generation Dominican American, one of the most exciting things about being American is the right to vote. It is a part of democratic society which we must always embrace.

The creative for the illustration was done by BlazayNY in collaboration with ArtManDan. We both have a long history in Inwood, Manhattan. The opportunity to paint this wall seemed out of the question for our entire lives. With years of hard work, studying and developing our artistry we were more than ready to deliver a powerful mural the community can be proud of. This mural

is located on Dyckman and Broadway, it will be up and running until after the 2020 General Election.

Thank you to NoMAA, North of Manhattan Artistic Alliance, and Adriano Espaillat for making this mural possible and allowing us as artists to inspire our local community to hit the polls this November. Thank you to the Juan Pablo Foundation and The Park View as well for your contributions to help make this mural come together.

Thank you to the entire community who selflessly donated to the cause during the 24hr Live Stream and helped our efforts to crowd fund the mural for our entire community.

See you at the Polling Site, Happy Voting!

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