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Our Origins

Robin Alcantara founded Blazay LLC in 2020. Alcantara is a muralist from Yonkers, NY. After earning his BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2015, Alcantara honed in on his craft of hand-painting large-scale murals nationally while working at the award-winning Colossal Media. From 2015-2020, Alcantara grew from an apprentice to an expert painter for Colossal working on campaigns for international brands including Adidas, Adult Swim, HBO, and  Gucci.


Since 2020 Alcantara has focused on crowd-funded projects highlighting current events, local heroes and legends, and other private commissions. As Blazay, Alcantara has worked with clients such as; For Freedoms, Doyle Dane Bernbach, Yonkers Arts,

Municipal Housing Authority of Yonkers, and Uptown Grand Central. Alcantara loves to work with NYC public schools and has facilitated workshops to create murals with community youth.  


Blazay is a mural company that proudly embraces the historic traditions and methods of hand painted murals. Our special process allows us the capability to bridge traditional art into the modern digital age utilizing technology that allows us to accurately paint countless styles of artwork into a beautiful mural at any size on all types of walls. The level of tenacity and dedication that is brought to each job will leave clients confident they are working with the right team. From planning to execution our passion and purpose is the process. For that we can assure our current, and future, clients a fun and memorable experience!


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